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What the Business Strategy community is about - Business Strategy Resources and Discussion [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Business Strategy Resources and Discussion

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What the Business Strategy community is about [Jan. 1st, 2010|12:00 am]
Business Strategy Resources and Discussion
This community is dedicated to collecting resources and discussions related to business strategy. Although there are hundreds of web sites dedicated to IT-specific issues, or online marketing, or other popular subjects, the lack of a reasonably comprehensive and free business strategy resource library has been a source of a major frustration. There are several commercial sites, such as Harvard Business Review, that can be used to access a large body of knowledge, but it is fairly unstructured and mostly commercial. There are small things like QuickMBA, but these are rather basic and usually do not provide any insights beyond a core strategy course.

Thus the mission of this community is to provide an extensive set of strategy-related resources and to provide an online meeting place for people interested in learning and sharing knowledge of different areas of business strategy.

What postings are welcome? Short or comprehensive articles on strategy-related issues, e.g.: a link to a useful resource, a short description of an abbreviation (e.g. "what is SWOT analysis"), a large primary research-based paper, an industry overview, or a critique of a recent merger.

Who are welcome? Everyone interested in business strategy, from college dropout entrepreneurs to management consultants to strategy professors in business schools.

We decided to organize this community on LiveJournal.com because of low setup costs. If it takes off and attracts active following, we'll move it to a dedicated web server with more advanced collaboration features. This move will include transferring most interesting/useful articles and resources, so if you feel uncomfortable with this possibility (for example, due to intellectual property considerations), please do not post material of concern.

This posting is post-dated in order for it to appear at the top of the list. Please post your comments using current date.